Picture of Fiona Charless of Quality Intelligence

I’m Fiona Charles. I consult, write, speak, and conduct interactive workshops on software test management and testing, to help clients in large and small organizations address their unique software testing opportunities.

With more than 30 years experience on challenging software development and integration projects in diverse business domains, I know that no single set of standard processes or “best practices” will work everywhere.

Good testing requires thinking. I bring Quality Intelligence to every software testing problem I tackle.


Test Consulting

I work with managers and teams to understand the specific business challenges of software implementation in your organization, and identify which of those risks can be addressed by software testing and test management. I recommend practices that will best cover your risks in your circumstances, with a practical roadmap for achievable improvements to your testing and test management.

I work with each client to:

Test Management

I also manage testing on challenging projects, specializing in:

Contact me if you want to align your organization’s testing to your business challenges.